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The SB8V2M 3 In. x 21 In. belt sander sands wooden products and metallic surfaces, finishes flooring, does preparatory sanding on wooden and metallic surfaces prior to painting, removes rust and paint, finishes surfaces such as slate and concrete.


  • Motor: 9 amp 1,020-watt motor, forcible power for the toughest sanding jobs
  • Speed Control: Variable speed dial at base of handle for various applications and improved manageability
  • Greater Visibility: Clear front cover, improves visibility when standing up against a surface
  • Dust Collection: Dust collection bag reduces airborne particles and keeps the work area clean
  • Dust Collection: Left-side mounted dust collection bag improves corner sanding applications while reducing airborne particles to keep work area clean
  • Design: Flush surface design allows for quick and even sanding
  • Flush surface design allows for quick and even sanding


  • Brand: Metabo
  • Wattage (W): 1020
  • Amperage (A): 9
  • Sander Style: Belt & Grinder
  • Sanding Speed-Maximum (Ft/Min): 1475
  • Sanding Speed-Minimum (Ft/Min): 820
  • Color / Finish: Green and black
  • Powered Tool Power Source: Electric – Corded