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The EGO 700W Turbo Charger monitors and controls each cell in the battery pack to control the temperature for maximum battery life. The active cooling fan system and advanced communication with the battery support rapid charging without overheating. The rapid recharge capability ensures limited downtime with any EGO 56V ARC Lithium battery


  • Industry’s Fastest Charger
  • Integrated Fuel Gauge shows 5 charge levels 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%
  • Connect to App for real-time battery charging status monitoring and notifications when charged to a set percentage
  • All charge times are approximate and from zero to full charge, as follows: 2.5 Ah Battery: 30-minutes 5.0 Ah Battery: 30-minutes 7.5 Ah Battery 45-minutes 10.0 Ah Battery 60
  • Fan Cooled Charging System: Prevents the battery and charger from overheating
  • Charges all EGO POWER+ 56V ARC Lithium Batteries


  • Brand: EGO Power+
  • Color: Black
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 6.77 x 8.74 x 10.51 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.24 pounds
  • Charging Time: 45 minutes